Policys, Rules, Etc.

You are about to embark on a unique voyage of discovery aboard a wooden Chesapeake Bay Deadrise Boat. For your safety and the safety of our Captain, Crew and historic vessel, the following rules and policies are hereby made under which we accept private vessel charters and resrvations.

1. All charters are subject to a 20% deposit at time of booking. No reservation will be confirmed without a valid contact name and phone number.

2. MAXIMUM OF SIX PASSENGERS: Due to US Coast Guard regulations, a six-passenger limit (including children) on our UPV class charter vessels while underway is strictly enforced. There are no exceptions to the USCG rules. Please do not ask the Captain or crew to violate federal law. We carry only adult Personal Floatation Devices (life jackets). Please, No children under 6 years of age. Children under 15 must board with their own properly sized US Coast Guard approved life jackets that must be worn at all times aboard the vessel. Maximum number of children per trip is 3 with 3 adult supervisors. Children MUST be closely supervised by at least one adult at ALL TIMES.

3. Departure Time: The Charter group is expected to be at dock at least 10 minutes prior to scheduled departure time. The boat will wait a maximum of 30 minutes after scheduled departure time, after which all deposits and trip costs will be forfeited. Late arrivals are NOT granted later time on the water. Please call one day in advance to confirm departure time, location and weather considerations.

4. Canceling and Rescheduling Charter Dates: Except for Special Events, reserved charters may be rescheduled 10 days or more in advance of the charter date at no cost. A 20% re-booking fee will be applied to rescheduled charters between 3 and 10 days (72 to 240 hrs) in advance of charter date (not including discounts). When rescheduling, your deposit will be applied to your next charter.


a. It is understood that the Captain shall be in charge of the vessel at all times and conduct on the part of any passenger which, in the Captain's discretion, may jeopardize the safety of the vessel, its crew, or other passengers, shall be cause for the Captain to terminate the charter and return to the dock. Children must be supervised at all times. Unruly behavior of children aboard our charter boats is not permitted and could be grounds for terminating the charter if the captain believes the activity presents a safety risk or potential damage to the vessel. In the event the charter is terminated in this manner, the full price of the trip shall be charged to the charter party.

b. In the event the Captain cancels a trip due to inclement weather, hazardous sea conditions or other issues impeding the safe operation of the vessel, an attempt will be made to reschedule on an alternate day. If a day cannot be agreed upon, the deposit shall be refunded in full. If a trip has been started and weather, sea conditions or mechanical issues are a cause of trip termination, a refund will be prorated based on the hours of completion.

c. In the event of cancellation due to mechanical failure or other boat or crew related matters, an attempt to reschedule on an alternate vessel or an alternate day will be the attempted. If no other vessel is available, or a day cannot be agreed upon, then the deposit shall be refunded in full.

d. Anticipated route plans may vary depending on weather, tides, waterway closures, other vessel operations and maritime hazards encountered during the voyage. Alterations in course and destinations do not constitute a breach of the charter agreement. By federal law, we are obligated to provide assistance to other vessels in distress. In such a case, the time allotted for assistance or search and rescue operations will be deducted from the charter time. From time to time, the US Coast Guard may also board and inspect the vessel while underway. The US Coast Guard is authorized to board any vessel traveling in US waters for national security and safety assurance purposes. Delays in returning to the dock as per the foregoing will not be charged to the charter party.

6. Illegal Drugs, Weapons & Hazardous Substances: We have a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for possessing or using illegal drugs, fire arms or explosives aboard our vessels per US Coast Guard regulations. If any passenger is found to have illegal substances in their possession or is under the influence of illegal drugs, the captain will immediately terminate the charter. The Captain is required to contact authorities if illegal substances are found onboard the vessel. Discovery of the presence and/or use of illegal substances, explosives, fireworks and/or firearms will immediately terminate the Charter with forfeiture of all trip fees. Passengers in violation of this rule may be removed from the vessel at the nearest harbor.

7. Alcohol: We permit beer or wine in moderation. No hard liquor or Glass Containers are allowed onboard our vessels. In the event that members of your Charter party become intoxicated to the point that the Captain or crew determines that they present a hazard to themselves or others, the Charter will be immediately terminated with forfeiture of all trip fees. Unruly and defiant passengers may be removed from the vessel at the nearest port or transferred to a US Coast Guard or Police Patrol Vessel.

8. Smoking is NOT permitted at any time aboard the vessel. Lighters, candles, fireworks or barbecues may NOT be used onboard the vessel at any time.

9. Pets or other animals are NOT allowed on the vessel at any time.

10. The Charter party is responsible for loss of or damage to equipment belonging to the boat that must be replaced in kind or by paying for replacement(s) as determined by the Captain. The Charter party is also responsible for damage to the boat. Paying careful attention to directions from the Captain and/or crew will minimize chance of loss or damage to the boat and equipment and/or injury to a member of our crew or your Charter party. Normal wear and tear is excepted from this condition. The Captain or crew will provide a familiarization tour prior to leaving the dock. The boat has minimal toilet facilities. Clogging the boat’s head (toilet) is NOT normal wear and tear. Charter party members are NOT permitted in the cabin if they are seasick. Fresh air is far better than lying down in an enclosed space. If a member of your party has a tendency to get seasick, discuss the matter with the Captain prior to your reserved charter date.

11. The Captain/crew will review emergency procedures on the boat prior to leaving the dock. Passengers must not board or disembark the vessel until the Captain or crew has indicated that the vessel is secure at the dock.

12. No trash, garbage, or other materials are to be thrown overboard into the water AT ANY TIME. There is a substantial penalty levied by the US Coast Guard for discarding trash into the water. If you bring your own food and beverages, please be sure to remove your trash from the vessel at the end of the voyage.

13. Our charter vessel has limited weight capacity. The captain may deny loading of passengers and baggage if it appears that the safe load capacity of the vessel will be exceeded. In some circumstances, the captain may have specific requirements for weight distribution aboard the vessel. If you plan on transporting substantial cargo such as luggage, camping gear or equipment, please contact us prior to booking.

14. Complementary beverages and picnic supplies may be provided on your voyage depending on your package and tour. Unopened beverages, packaged foods and supplies not consumed on the voyage may not be taken off the vessel. Complimentary means just what you consume onboard.

15. Mathews Deadrise Charters is NOT responsible for loss or damage to personal items including but not limited to cameras, stereos, cell phones, sports equipment, jewelry, sun glasses, and clothing. Chapel Creek Oyster Company, LLC,  (DBA Mathews Deadrise Charters),  the Captain, crew, vessel owners, or property owners of The Inn at Tabbs Creek do not assume liability for any loss of, or damage to, personal property that passengers may bring onboard. This includes but is not limited to accidental loss of items overboard, water damage, fire, smoke, or theft. ALL personal property brought onboard is at the passenger's own risk. Passengers are strongly urged to check with their personal insurance company to for appropriate coverage in the event of loss or damage.

16. Mathews Deadrise Charters reserves the right to change any policies or rates/fees at anytime, including fuel surcharges when necessary. Trips booked prior to any relevant changes which effect trip cost will be notified before charter date, or in the case of pre-purchased vouchers, at time of booking/confirmation. Changes in US Coast Guard regulations, state and federal laws, insurance carrier requirements, vessel capabilities, market conditions and passenger experiences may facilitate changes to the vessel charter policy without notice.

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